Time to Tag

I am tagging myself from Nilu’s blog.


1. Indebted to somebody for life.

My daughters. However awful a mother I am, they make me feel good. Seconds after I scream at O, she returns my hugs and forgives me. And N, when I return home after a long day at work, doesn’t hold my absence against me.  She just runs to me with the loudest, sweetest laugh ever.

I am indebted to them for keeping me from totally going off my rocker.


2. Say ‘Sorry’ to someone.

So many, I don’t know where to begin. But definitely to classmates from school and college who were often left out (not by me in particular, but in general), because they didn’t ‘fit in’. If I could do go back and do it all over again, I would make it a point to include them.


3. Say ‘Thank you’ to someone.

Just when I was at an all time low, and didn’t think much of myself — class 7 or 8, 12-13 years of age — into my life came 4 fantastic teachers. Ms Kamakshi (English), Ms Shanthi Francis (Maths), Ms Vasantha (class teacher and Biology) and Sister Eliza (History).  The confidence I have now, the feeling of self-worth, I owe to these teachers.

Ms K sowed the seed of journalism as a career.

Ms S made me realise that I was not a dud. She made me fall in love with Maths.

Ms V was the first class teacher who did not constantly complain about how talkative or naughty or untidy I was. So I tried hard to please her. She had a lovely way of correcting me, with a smile, a tug of the ear, a gentle word… I know a lot of my schoolmates have a totally different opinion of her 🙂

Sr E introduced the idea of self-study. My first visit to the Connemera library when I was in class 8 was to reasearch her subject. She was so quiet, earnest and sweet.


4. A gesture from someone that left me speechless.

When a 5-year-old kid showed me the finger for the fun of it. I had a good mind to get out my car, drag him out of his, and spank him. But I was too stunned. Poor kid, I am sure he was merely aping an adult.

5. My most cherished possession:

Actually noTHING. I love some of the things I own; but those are just things.

When O was about 11 months old, I lost her diaper bag. It had her health card, some trinkets I had just shopped for and a few other stuff. The bag itself was a beautiful one, gifted by my sister. I was terribly upset, till my sister recounted an advice she received from her friend. “Never mourn over things you lose. Just be grateful that all you’ve lost is a ‘thing’.”

6. A special memory that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it:

I’ve posted the pic below. A couple of days after I returned to my mum’s home after the C-section, I went into the loo to weep. I was overwhelmed and feeling very sorry for myself. How was I ever going to manage 2 kids, a career, home, recover from the damn surgery! After a good 10-minute-howl, I entered the bedroom to witness this.

the memory that makes me smile, makes me cry... leaves me scared.

And I tag whoever is willing to take it up.


9 thoughts on “Time to Tag

  1. Deepa says:

    Loved it Vani…Esp. the last picture…It says it all…As always enjoyed reading your blog…Keep them coming 🙂

  2. Nilu says:

    You took my tag & made it better!

    About teachers – I definitely think they do have favorites & it shows – that’s why children perceive the same teachers in different ways.

    Loved the picture! Too sweet!

  3. Usha says:

    Enjoyed reading ur blog Vani. Loved the pic. with ur daughters. The teachers u mentioned were really special and moulded us to what we r today…

  4. Indian Homemaker says:

    Loved the picture!! Sometimes one finds such simple, delightful answers to problems that seem too big…

    True… “Never mourn over things you lose. Just be grateful that all you’ve lost is a ‘thing’.”

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