I am full of questions. Do you have some answers?

  1. When you know someone at work is fibbing, do you call their bluff?
  2. If money can’t buy happiness, why do the rich look so happy?
  3. Why do some people make a virtue of being Moaning Myrtles*?
  4. Do you know these kinds? The ones that cannot stick to an opinion, and if they do have one, will not share it if they feel there is a remote chance of it meeting with opposition? How do you gauge these folks?
  5. What about the really needy kinds? Who want to be privy to every gossip. Do you trust them?
  6. Where is the line that distinguishes an understanding boss from a pushover?
  7. The line between a firm one and an SOB?
  8. At what level does an exaggeration become an outright lie?
  9. Why are there no catfights on fb? At least not in my circle…
  10. Are you a damp squib if you refuse to play with those who keep beating you?
  11. Are you a fool if you continue playing?
  12. Would it be wrong if I recruited a cute looking guy, based only on his looks?
  13. You think Victoria’s Secret will come up with a line for real women, with real curves?
  14. You think if FB ceases to exist, we would all die of boredom?
  15. You think my questions are pointless?
  16. Which person of the opposite sex on your social networking list is the cutest? (Tell! Tell!)
  17. Is it ok to keep in touch with the ex and not tell your husband?
  18. What will be left of this earth, by the time the meek inherit it?
  19. Should I be embarrassed about being hooked to Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy?
  20. Is it cool to be watching the 100th reruns of FRIENDS?
  21. At my age, should I be hiding the major crush I have on an American Idol contestant?
  22. When it comes to questions, how many is too many? 22?


Now come on, answer at least a few… and ask a few.

*MM had a reason to moan. She lived in the loo and was dead.


23 thoughts on “I am full of questions. Do you have some answers?

  1. Sonia says:

    The answer to the 19th one is easy. No. Please dont be embarrassed. Watch Gossip Girl, Coupling, How I met your Mother and The O.C and Office..I could go on and on. Long list for someone who DOES not have tv cable connection at home eh?

  2. Nadira says:

    1. Yes
    12. Technically Yes.. As a human it could be over looked 😀
    13. No
    14. No – we’d find something else
    19. No – they are a fantastic waste of time 🙂
    20. It’s cool
    21. No – Which one???

  3. Sindhu says:

    Some answers:
    1. I think you should see how far they go…
    2.I think they are just good actors…
    4. Isn’t it difficult to stick to opinions…
    6. Here there is a firm thick line, u can be understanding without being a pushover.
    8. A lie is a lie…an exxageration is truth stretched a bit…as long as it is harmless.
    12. No it wouldn’t be wrong at all…please do recruit a cute looking guy! 🙂
    14. I think so too.
    15. Yes, but what the heck, you have asked and it would get some interesting answers…and I will come and read it.
    16. Lots…

  4. Nadira says:

    19. No.. It isnt bad, cos it isnt a waste of time.. at least I dont think it is.. just that some people do 🙂 So my reply to them is.. IT’s a WONDERFUL WASTE OF TIME 😀

    21. Haven’t been following Idol this season so just had to Google Lee.. Yeah.. definitely cute.. My secret or not so secret celebrity crush is Dr. Derek Shepherd :)At least yours is real.. mine’s fictional 🙂

  5. teesu says:

    Since you asked, I shall enjoy…
    1. Only if critical to company
    4. Not worth it
    5. Only if they are your best friends & have proved it.
    6&7. So thin, hard to say.;)
    8. When the exaggeration point comes
    9. Only best faces fwd on FB I feel.
    12. No;) 13. Yes. 14.& 15. No. 16.Buskulakkadi Bonda bajji. 17.Pass 19. NO! We need these escapes. 20. Super cool, man. 21. No.22. 31.

  6. chris says:

    19&20…NO. in fact in the case of the latter, the more I watch, the more I appreciate!.
    21…Does he have facial hair?….am asking since this season, i have just not been able to stay in touch!

  7. UmmON says:

    @teesu: agree with you on 6 & 7
    @chris: surprisingly, this man has no facial hair, apart from the brows above his sexy eyes 🙂

  8. Anjali says:

    I love the 18th question: tongue-in-cheek and potentially serious at the same time.

    And i watch Friends whenever it comes. Also, Sex and the City.

  9. Deepa says:

    1. Normally would give a long rope…but if it goes beyond control or if its harmful to the company ..will definetly pull them up.

    2. Money definetly essential but shouldnt rule your life……Ironically..only the rich say “money isnt everything”…

    5. Never….cannot change them..so be careful…

    10. Absolutely NOT…I hardly see my stats…can be depressing you see !

    11. Again absolutely NOT….Enjoy playing…applies both to scrabble and life…

    12. Wouldnt say wrong…but would say not advisable…Trust me..a guy who works smart and understands what you want them to deliver is definetly far more attractive than a cute guy!

    14. As long as we can play scrabble…not entirely…but must accept that its bcoz of fb that we are able to stay connected with many friends…

    15. Not at all..Wonder what you feed your brain that you write so well…!!

    16. Classified!

    17. Yes…it is..but as long as you are not in a relationship with your ex. Likewise should be able to accept your husband keeping in touch with his ex!

    19. Not at all…I enjoy watching Desperate Housewives too…though must admit i am not a regular.

    20. Totally…Include Seinfeld too!

    21.There is no age restriction on having a crush!!! Go on..have fun..send me some pictures !

    22. Oh is this the end??? Sigh 😦

    • UmmON says:

      lol at your answer #2. money is ofc imp, unless u have too much of it.
      #12: no value for eye-candy deepa?
      #21: he is the one i told you about. remember?

  10. shyam says:

    1. Depends on whether they’re trying to get someone else into trouble… if yes, blow their story with an innocent “Oh, weren’t you meant to do that yourself?” or something on those lines. 🙂
    2. You CANT buy happiness. But happiness comes free with all the fabulous holidays and unlimited books and whatever luxuries you supply yourself with, using money. That’s why the rich look happy 😀
    5. Absolutely NOT! They’re very likely to be the same as the people in No 4 above!
    9. If your circle comprises friends, why would there be catfights? 🙂 And as a corollary, I wouldnt want to be in a circle that had catfights.
    10. Hey, are you saying I’m a damp squib???… Seriously, though? If you only play where you can win, you’d have to be a pretty pathetic sort of person. I’d prefer to fight the good fight (and lose, if reqd) with a better player than beat someone I KNOW isn’t better than me.
    11. Am I a fool? 🙂 I’d rather you didn’t answer that, pls.
    12. Why not? Men have been doing just that for centuries. Women might know better, but why must they take the high road all the time? Go hire that good looking guy!
    13. No.
    14. No. But I’d REALLY miss playing Scrabble.
    15. Maybe. But they’re fun. So I guess they’re not pointless after all! 😀
    16. See Teesu’s answer 😀
    17. Hmmm… I think if you feel the need to keep it from your husband (or wife), it’s not ok.
    18. Ah, but I think the meek will never inherit it. Whoever inherits it will become the opposite of meek, because there will always be someone meeker to be disinherited.
    19. No.
    20. Yes. FRIENDS for ever!
    21. No.
    22. 22 is too few.

    • UmmON says:

      @#5: totally agree with you. i had 1 person in mind, framing both questions.
      @#10&11: ok, agree. we are neither fools nor damp squibs. just wish i’d win more often, though.
      @#22: don’t encourage me. i’m really jobless!

  11. Anitha says:

    1. Let it go as long as it is harmless.
    2. They can afford to primp themselves enough to look attractive and maybe even happy. A lot of people pretend they are happy. PS-Try scratching the surface.
    3. For attention and sympathy/empathy/pity.
    4. It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Gauge them when thay not in meetings trying to figure out how each person will take their opinion.
    5. Never.
    6. Pass
    7. Pass
    8. After some time you begin to recognize those who exaggerate to the point of lying.
    9. No one has started it yet.
    10. No. You are just standing up for yourself.
    11. No. Just someone who doesn’t mind being beaten. After all, it’s just a game.
    12. No as long as it’s not heavy duty work. Who knows? Your female clientile might increase. Pretty girls have that advantage sometimes, so why not cute guys?
    13. If Victoria ever gets real…maybe.
    14. No. We have existed before FB.
    15. No. I loved your questions.
    16. You wouldn’t know him any way.
    17. If the hubby is a cool guy, no harm in telling. If he is going to get paranoid, better not to tell.
    18. I havn’t seen the meek inheriting anything so far.
    19. No.
    20. How many time you wanna watch friends is up to you and there is no need to let what others think about it affect your passion for Friends. Since you asked, I don’t think it’s cool.
    21. No. Age and marraige do not make people immune to crushes.
    22. It’s never too many as long as you have the option not to answer.

    • UmmON says:

      first, i am thrilled you took the time to answer all these.
      and… not a friends’ fan huh?
      #12, there is a restaurant in chennai i go to, only cos the manager is a cutie 😉

  12. Anitha says:

    Sometimes I don’t get floored by what everyone else is raving about. Friends is one of them.

    Nice posts. Enjoyed reading them. 🙂

      • Anitha says:

        Better late than never. (or is it better never than late?) Thanks to you, I watched a few episodes of Desperate Housewives on YouTube. Now it’s one of my favorite TV shows. Talk about positive influence. 🙂

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