Oru kallu, rendu maanga

Or two birds with one stone.

Or lazy journalism?

In any case, remember this sketch?

After the perk came the work: TQatar-MFH and  QT-MFH.


5 thoughts on “Oru kallu, rendu maanga

  1. From Facebook says:

    Vikram Kilpady super cool interview
    Thurs at 10:19 ·

    Vani Saraswathi Thanks ViKi
    Thurs at 12:54 ·

    Vani Doraisamy Yeah, good one. Me likes 🙂
    Thurs at 16:49 ·

    Shyamala Ramanathan-Edwards He’s going to buy a Bugatti? he’s going to buy a BUGATTI??? Pete would want the job of chauffeur for him since the ol’ fella cant drive it 🙂 Nice interview, Vani!
    Thurs at 21:33 ·

    Vani Saraswathi he has a bugatti already. he is bring it from dubai to doha!

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