What do women generally talk about?

This is a tag from here:

The women I’ve spoken to over the last 2 days (these are the ones I usually talk to):

Sister 3 (age 42): About the kids, my eldest sister’s health, about my career plans and whether I am moving forward with that.

Colleague 1 (age 39): About her kid’s birthday party. About story ideas, the person she interviewed, the women I met on an assignment, on the content for the next issue, some office gossip.

Colleague 2 (age 40+): Amitav Ghosh, Orhan Pamuk, the state of banks, corruption, the arrest of a bank ceo, kids, people we meet on work, office gossip.

Friend 1, V (age 36): On our work, jobs, being bored, the upcoming PTA, on our last drinking binge, shopping for her office party, planning a mid-week lunch (which she is buying for me), meditation.

Friend 2, C (age 35): Son’s health, her boss, my boss, her team, my team :), our jobs, her training programme, the weekend bar hopping.

Sister 2 (age 45): My kids — every little detail on what they are doing, parents health (she is in the same city as them, so she is the primary caretaker, crap-taker), my weight — she obesses about my lack of fitness, my eldest sister’s health, holiday plans.

Sister 1 (age 48): My kids, her daughter, her health (which she brushes off, worrying us even more), her latest handwork (crochet, embroidery, knitting), my holiday plans, the latest celebrities I’ve me on work.

With K, babysitter-cum-lifeline (age late 40s): What to cook, N’s latest pranks, on how I should de-clutter.

My mum (age 70): Her knee, her social life — with her brothers, sister, nephews, nieces — she is a party animal, my kids, my eldest sister, the books that were delivered following my online order.

One of my closest friend, S (age 35): Her mum (she just lost her dad), her job, our girl-only road trip plan for August.

Another very close friend, S (age 35): Her new business venture, my work, the kids, our wild fantasies 🙂

My friend K (age 40+): Wishing her luck for a girls-only trip to Maldives, and on when I should plan mine.

A freelancer and friend (age 33, I think): Cute guys on telly, our families, Scrabble, the story she is supposed to submit.


A freelancer: Zen Buddhism, meditation, story ideas.


My friend, A (40+): Her appraisal, new contract, writing workshop, weekend plans.

And I pass on the tag to whoever wants to do it… go on knock yourself out.


8 thoughts on “What do women generally talk about?

  1. Indian Homemaker says:

    No pickles and papads here (not that there is anything wrong with those!)… and lots more than men-talk!! I really wonder how popular movies would be if movie makers knew and made movies on all these facets of a real woman’s personality and life!

    Thanks for picking this tag Ummon. Bechdel’s Test has been a ‘thought provoker’ for me.

  2. UmmON says:

    @IHM: thanks, you got this started
    @RB: do. it’s fun. and does break stereotypes
    @AT: ty. do one once you are out of here 🙂

  3. Kamini says:

    In general, I find women’s conversations more interesting and broad ranging than those of men, who seem to talk mainly about politics and sports. Men, of course, would turn around and say that women only gossip, or talk about cooking and shopping!

  4. Laksha says:

    I love it! I think putting this down in paper also serves to reinforce how much we actually don’t talk about our kids when they are in our minds constantly 🙂 Moms especially get accused of being kid centric so this is great! And that girls only road trip – you go girl!

  5. UmmON says:

    @anil: must add, freelancer is lithuanian who lived in a japanese monastery!
    @kamini: you bet! and we can strike a conversation quite quickly too.
    @laksha: take up the tag. and yes, really looking forward to the road trip.

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