The 5 compliments tag

How sad is this?

I checked Shyam‘s tag nearly 10 days ago, and then saw Teesu‘s list about a week ago. And through all this time, I couldn’t come up with 5 — JUST FIVE — compliments I receive often.

So I am going with stuff I’ve received just once too. Who is to call my bluff?!

People (or someONE) have told me…

1. That I am an excellent multi-tasker. (I am not sure it’s a compliment. For me it seems like adult ADHD.)

2. That I have a good sense of humour. (But R says I am more sarcastic than humorous, and he doesn’t mean it as a compliment.)

3. That I write well. (Ok, stop sniggering. This blog is not the only thing I write.)

4. That I am a great friend. (This I get quite often. Really.)

5. That I am honest. (Often, more than I need to be.)

Your turn next — tag yourself.

You know what, as I was struggling to come up with 5 compliments (not to be confused with pointless flattery), I realised there is a more interesting tag to be done. The not-so flattering things you are accused of. That’s coming up next!


17 thoughts on “The 5 compliments tag

  1. shyam says:

    Aw, V, nobody said the compliments have to be received often! How many times do you think I’VE been told that I look beautiful like a princess??? 😀

    Anyway, multitasking isnt ADHD – it’s doing many things different things competently!

    Re No 2 – yes, you do. I rate sarcasm as a good form of humour. I’m prone to it – isnt it odd how husbands dont seem to see that as an asset! 🙂

    3. Definitely, no question about that.

    4. I’m sure you are. Even if I dont know that personally, I trust Teesu 🙂

    5. I can believe that of you.

    And for what it’s worth, here’s another – you’re a kickass Scrabble player! (am sure you’ve heard that too) 🙂

  2. Kisara says:

    You are fair – even when you don’t really need to be!
    You are thoughtful
    You stand up for the under dog
    You have a soft heart
    You notice…stuff that gets overlooked – like how a kid might feel left out or hurt

    Ok – How many am I allowed to add here?


    • UmmON says:

      oh, you skipped my athletic prowess, my drop-dead gorgeous-ness, etc etc.
      you’ve given me enough to last a few weeks. visit again in a month to boost the ego.
      ps: don’t forget what you know of me is one-sided — my-sided 🙂

      • Kisara says:

        Now that you’ve said that, it’s my turn again. My opinion – A compliment has to be based on my experience of you and it doesn’t have to come as an evidence based result of interviewing or documenting the views of any ‘other-side.’ So I am sticking to my list pal!

  3. Teesu says:

    1. Seriously, I wonder how you do it.
    2. Sarcasm CAN be funny y’know.
    3. Er, ahem, it’s like saying beans paruppu oosili is a bad dish. (Pssst. Are ALL writers insecure?:D)
    4. Shyam, thy faith in me is touching. For the record, it IS true.
    5. Sure. It’s part of your charm.
    6. Nice eyes.
    7. Look at many issues with insight and sensitivity that’s quite hard to fathom.
    8. Fun and easy company.
    9. You have good shoulders to cry on:D
    10.Uninhibited persona. I admiring.

  4. Deepa says:

    Vani…..i am sure the list will be endless for us if it were left-handed compliments!!
    But lets drive right now!
    1. You write realllllyyy well….Its like you speak for most of us..
    2. LOVE your sense of humor…it needs special talent to be sarcastic!
    3. Great friend to have 🙂
    4. Call a spade a spade…what you see is what you get! [Almost ;-)]
    5. Dont believe in flattering others…no jink chak 😉
    6. Fun to be with….
    7. Clarity in thoughts…

    Earth calling Vani…..!

    • UmmON says:

      2. from the queen of sarcasm, that’s a compliment.
      🙂 for everything else.

      and don’t forget where i live left is right 😉

  5. Indian Homemaker says:

    I love how you write on this blog and I am sure everything else you write is equally interesting.
    I am no multi-tasker either!!
    It’s good to be a good friend, says a lot about you.
    Are you really sarcastic? I thought the way we communicate somehow reflects in anything we write as regularly as our blogs!! 🙂

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