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sneaky or smart?

O: I am so excited I can finally borrow a book from the school library tomorrow.

Me: Great.

O: There is this book I want to borrow on dragons, and I hide it in a different shelf everyday, in such a way you can’t see the name. So no one else can take it. Smart no?

I didn’t have the heart to tick her off…

By UmmON

Umm Oviya + Nilah = Mother of Oviya + Nilah. Because in the Arab world a woman is first addressed as bint X (daughter of X) and then once she has a son (Y) she is Umm Y. I am not sexist, so don't mind surrendering my identity to my daughters.

9 replies on “sneaky or smart?”

Awwww…cute- smart! I wish I could have thought up something smart like this…I ALWAYS ended up begging ‘the other kid’ almost every other week, for the prized book. 😦

I once found a book I loved (about lenses, microscopes, glasses etc) and it wasn’t available in the market – so I paid for it saying I couldn’t seem to find it at home 😦 I still have the book.

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