right or not?

ETA link of SB case

I don’t lend money at work. If it’s for a dire cause, and I can afford the figure, I will give the money and not expect it back. But I pointblank refuse any requests for a loan otherwise. However big or small. (This does not include paying for a cuppa or a sandwich). Mean?

I do not accept friend requests from colleagues on social network sites. And I very rarely socialise at a personal level with them or their families. Stuck-up?

I find people who get too friendly too fast a little scary. Suspicious?

I don’t eat at Saravana Bhavan. Anywhere. They’ve opened an outlet in Doha, and I refuse to patronise them. Why? Because the owner is a murderer/rapist and his sons are all in and out of jail for various immigration offences. My tiny contribution or lack of it is not going to pull down the empire, I am aware. But I still can’t eat there. Pointless?

I cannot respect people solely by virtue of their age or position. An older person doesn’t automatically qualify for my respect. Neither does someone just because they’ve climbed the corporate ladder. Career suicide?

I cannot prostrate in front of people. I grew up with that being drilled into my head touching someone’s feet or prostrating in front of them is unnecessary. You can seek someone’s blessing or show respect without making a spectacle of yourself.  Arrogant?


6 thoughts on “right or not?

  1. Sonia says:

    Me too, except the last one. I do touch elders feet.
    And if I had known about Saravana Bhavan, wouldnt have eaten there ever. Like I dont eat Haldiram namkeen anymore. That fella is a murderer as well.
    And I add colleagues only after I leave a company 🙂

    • UmmON says:

      yes, i know. and that’s why i keep telling people that with all my hang-ups, by the time i turn 50, i will be thankful if i had 2 friends to speak to and 1 place to eat in 🙂

  2. Indian Homemaker says:

    We have a lot in common. I don’t mind touching feet though, it’s like taking unfair advantage, gets you loads of undeserved popularity… but my in laws discussed and decided it was an avoidable practice and I was fine with that too.

    But I also can’t see people without their murders and lies and intolerance and biases and prejudices.

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