Open, difficult to close

I got Agassi’s Open as a birthday gift (thanks RenJay), but because of other reads and then my ipad obsession, I got down to reading it only last week.

I loved the book for the way it is presented and written, but  apart from the fact that he had a hairpiece and likes playing commando, there is little else revealing in it.

It is a whining, whinging, complaining, cribbing monologue of Agassi’s obsession with Agassi. But all that annoyance is written wonderfully by J R Moehringer, who doesn’t get cover credit, but is mentioned in detail in the acknowledgements.

Am I an Agassi fan? No… not the way I was a Lendl fan (the man is hot!). But I did find him appealing, I liked his smile, and he married Stephanie (yep, she doesn’t care for Steffi) whom I think is absolutely wonderful. For all these reasons, and also because I heard he reveals his commando days, I shamelessly asked my friend to gift me the book.

There is little more annoying than someone who can’t be grateful for the privileges of their life. Andre Kirk scores high on that factor. Yeah, his father was a tyrant; yeah, he lost his childhood; yeah, Connors, Becker and Courier were mean to him and Chang was too holy, Sampras too perfect — and hence all of them made his life miserable. Give me a break!

He was so self-obsessed he couldn’t take his girlfriend Brooke Shield’s career choices.

I wonder if he could have stomached Graf if she hadn’t retired.

He surrounds himself with well-wishers who don’t call his bluff. Good people I am sure, but how come no one knew he was doing crystal meth?

We get it about your spine and your anger and your father and your baldness… the poor little rich boy, who hates tennis.

He does come across as a really warm (the bond with his trainer Gil, bro Philly and friend Perry), generous (the $40 million school he set up for at-risk kids) and funny person (is that just JRM?) — but also a little too self-involved.

The endearing thing about the book is how honest he is — about a lot of things.

But the winner is definitely Moehringer (gotta pick up his The Tender Bar)

2 thoughts on “Open, difficult to close

  1. Kamini says:

    I loathed Agassi for his cocky strutting about in the 1980s and early 1990s; gained some respect for him when he appeared to get his act together and become a nice guy; and lost it all when he “told all” in this book. His depiction of Pete Sampras is just mean-spirited and petty. As far as I am concerned, I simply cannot muster any good feelings towards him any more.

  2. shyam says:

    Wow, I agree with you nearly 100% – Lendl, OH SO HOT! Steffi, HOT! The only bit I’m not totally with is liking Agassi – for anything 🙂 I read this book last year and realised it was possible to dislike Agassi even more than I thought possible! 🙂 I was SO PISSED OFF when he married Steffi Graf, a lovely dignified (or so it would seem) supertalented lady if ever there was one! Agassi seems to have whined his way through his entire career. I mean, sure his dad had a huge influence on what he did as a kid… but once he realised as an adult that he hated tennis, surely he could have stopped.

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