some things are worth losing sleep for…

like when you are told you look younger than you are.

just as i was desperately trying to steal an extra half hour in bed, early this morning, my pal rj wakes me up to say that while discussing hair lengths with dee, her 10-year-old, my name popped up; apparentlyshort hair makes people look younger, and dee thought i was a good case in point. i am sure the fact that she is very fond of her ‘young’ aunty has not coloured her view.

what a soothing salve to a soul that’s tortured by premature ageing thanks to plenty of greys (that i am refusing to colour), an extra 30kgs (that i’m struggling to lose) and work stress (that i seem to be psychotically enjoying).

wake me up anytime baby, anytime…


10 thoughts on “some things are worth losing sleep for…

  1. chris says:

    hey V, totally agree about short hair making you look younger…..but as is said; Age is a question of mind over matter….if you don’t mind, it don’t matter!

  2. Cee Kay says:

    I wholeheartedly agree! Am in the same boat as you – have greys that I don’t color and have 30 kgs to lose (what a coincidence!!) I also have short (VERY short) hair and I believe it takes off at least 10 years. Of course, no one has had the courage to relieve me of my illusions 😀

  3. Laksha says:

    I can see that. Wanted to try a hand at long hair after 15+ years of keeping my hair short and got labelled with “Mami”. When I went for a hair cut, my stylist couldn’t stop wondering why I even bothered wiht the long hair look, as this hair cut made me look “eons younger and better”. I went home and frantically looked at photos from a month agon wondering exactly how old I had looked! And doesn’t coloring out the grays mean “not aging gracefully”? See, it’s all in the spin.

  4. Kiwi says:

    V: I got the same last weekend – while like you, I’ve piled on the pounds which I am making no effort to lose, I am currently growing my hair, which now comes into a decent ponytail. Someone who had come home last weekend saw big N and asked if she was my sister:-)
    N wanted to know if it was because she looked older than her age or if it was because I looked younger….go figure.

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