random notes

when a man is around a woman he finds attractive, he tries to be charming or funny. but women become giggly, high pitched and faux coy when they are around attractive men.

i find that really annoying. especially when it happens at work. so annoying, i want to stuff dirty tissues down that giggly throat. grr!

and talking of attractive men, some are so smooth, they slip right off my radar.


while on work: it’s better than i feared, not as good as i hoped.

And is it legally allowed to kill someone for being unbearably irritating or annoying? like when they repeat everything you tell them, back to you, and act as if it’s their original idea? like when they do it, even before you can take a breath after uttering the words? if not kill, can i at least trip them or sneeze into their face?


i’ve always maintained that barkha dutt is sleazy. now do you accept?


over the last couple of days i’ve been chatting — or trying to — with a friend from school, whom I last saw or spoke to 20 years ago. she was older to me, and didn’t quite fit in at school due to certain academic challenges. i was one of the few who tried to connect with her. she was great fun to hang around with, and she always knew marriage and homemaking was what she was destined for. that’s what she wanted, she said. so a year or so after school she was packed off in bridal splendour.

now she has discovered fb through her teenaged kids. and she is learning to chat. she is learning to use a medium she knows nothing off. i could hear the sigh and feel the struggle, as she typed out slowly: ‘working?’… long pause… ‘im lernig to cht’. and when i reply to that with 30 odd words… she takes her time to get back. ‘by, im going’.

education. that’s the only thing that matters. not academic excellence. but a will to be educated. because she was written off by both family and teachers, she never tried. i’m glad that she is back on track, Β that even if it’s for entertainment, she is learning stuff online.

i am sorry if i am sounding patronising and snobbish — but she was someone i was very fond of, and i was moved to tears by all that was unsaid in that chat between us.


since my mood swings like a drunk monkey on steroids, and i don’t fancy my own company when i’m depressed, i am finding ways of keeping me grounded.

one that is working rather well is my gratitude diary. i carry this lovely handmade book — gifted by my sil — everywhere i go. and when i am really happy i make it a point to jot that down. and when i am not, i note down the things i need to be thrilled about.


i’ve come to realise that i don’t have to understand something to enjoy it. i don’t even particularly have to like it to enjoy it. went for the brazil-argentina match with family and friends, and had a ball. it’s just about getting the right company and keeping your mind open. hmmm… maybe time to actually watch a salman khan movie.


the butt is getting the better of me. need to stub it out.


rujuta diwekar helped me a great deal. visible help. what didn’t was diwali and eid jumping on me and breaking to pieces my resolve.


HP7 part 1 was a disappointment. daniel radcliff, however, is not. quite a dish he is turning out to be.


O wants to be a rockstar baker. she worries that her fans may bother her when she is baking. and she also wants to know if i can help her with her baking business, cos she doesn’t want to employ people and spend on them. smart cookie this one.


not sure what N wants to be. but we are guessing — going by how easy she is with her punches and pinches — it would be either a drummer, butcher or something really violent.


8 thoughts on “random notes

  1. shyam says:

    ABOUT time there was new post here πŸ™‚ Welcome back!

    – Yes it’s ok to kill annoying co-worker.

    – it’s NEVER time to watch a Salman Khan movie.

    – Have you noticed that the smaller-built women are, the more kittenish they act around men despite being brainier and better educated? Arrgh!

    – I’m waiting for my copy of Rujuta’s cook on your recommendation.

    – More power to O for wanting to be a baker πŸ™‚ A baker who loves books… too perfect for words!

    • UmmON says:

      @shyam: but if you go by her book, not too much cooking involved. so u don’t need her cook, just her gardner.
      @inba: i have nice sils. trendy clothes and bags, books… no blouse bits πŸ™‚

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