gratitude diary

it’s not always that i think fondly of qatar. there are times i want to book the first flight out of here and flee. despite that, the fact is, i’ve had the most amazing life here. there is so much i miss about madras — my friends, my sisters, my parents, lending libraries, elliots beach, the drive to pondy. i wonder every now and then how i would have progressed in my career? my peers seem to be rocking out there, would i have been competitive enough?

but when i’m not being petulant and unreasonable, i am incredibly grateful for the life i lead here. the last 10 days has been really eventful — a successful event at work, qatar won the 2022 bid, i met sophia loren (and tripped her!), and it’s time i record my gratitude.

1. Nowhere else would I be able to manage a rather superb and exciting career, and lead a full family life. Distances are short, people are flexible, life is easy…

2. I doubt work wise I would have got the kind of opportunities I do here…

3. As newly weds, because of the loaded barrel of inter-religious marriage, R & I got our space and distance away from the heat.

4. Still, we were not too far. Close enough to home.

5. I get to travel and see places and meet people that may not have been possible if I had stayed back.

6. If R & I had been in similar job roles back home, we would not have been able to invest time and effort in our kids or marriage.

7. I discovered cup sizes over C, and finally came to terms with my boobs. Well that is more thanks to M&S than Qatar, but still…


I am sure a different place may afford more benefits, or not… but what I have now is something I can’t deride or dismiss off.



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