Surprise me! Tell me about yourself…

Here is what you may or may not know about me…

Þ  I am an introvert. Even painfully shy. (It takes me a great deal of effort to just go and meet people and socialise and make friends, if I don’t have to as part of my work).

Þ  Almost all my good friends were made before I turned 21. Since then I have made only about 5 new ones who really count.

Þ  I like the colour pink.

Þ  I used to not, but now I do… I do love my breasts. Even if it means it’s difficult to get clothes that fit right.

Þ  I love and respect all my friends. However, I don’t ‘like’ all of them. And something tells me that goes both ways!

Þ  I actively speak against Barbies and discourage my kids from playing with it. But I had a nice long, healthy stint with my Barbies.

Þ  I have no qualms about being a hypocrite, especially as a parent.

Þ  I hate wearing underwear.

Þ  I am always taken aback when I see my photos. Because I truly believe I look better than what the Kodak moment gives me credit for.

Þ  I burn up with envy at the opportunities some people receive.

Þ  I HATE shopping. Any kind of shopping, except kids clothes and gift shopping.

Þ  I have a favourite parent, favourite sister, and I am pretty sure before I turn 50 I will have a favourite child.

Þ  I get bored with pulp romance (M&B, Harlequin, Nora Roberts), but I do enjoy erotica.

Þ  I have a bucket list of stuff I want to do in life: Do my Master’s in law and literature, and learn hypnotherapy, to name just three.

Þ  I would make a great dictator. I have all the requisite qualities. I think I am always right, I love myself, and think lowly of those who don’t.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve tagged people, and there are people I would like to know more about, I am tagging you, you, you, you, you, you, you and you. And you, if I’ve missed you out.


8 thoughts on “Surprise me! Tell me about yourself…

  1. ummon says:

    @shyam: work related it’s ok. but i’ve been getting increasingly introverted.
    @u: only as much as you are UNcomfortable sharing 🙂
    @writerzblock: thank you, do tag and link, would love to read your take

  2. Kamini says:

    I was away travelling and only now saw that you have tagged me – am honored! I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll get to it (laziness being my predominant state of being right now), but thanks for the thought. Yours was very interesting and refreshingly honest. We have a lot in common, and a lot not!

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