The Marriage Kitty: A Short Story

A stainless steel tumbler, a painted ceramic coffee mug, a white melamine plate with pale blue floral motif on the rim. A spoon and a fork. A single set of bedsheet and pillowcase that seem to match the plate. A woollen blanket. A floral print towel. Wrapped in several layers of polythene bags are two bottles of pickles.

He smiled at the care package his mother put together with much love and thought, as her newly-wed son moved towns to richer pastures.

It was a new beginning, the first day of the rest of his life.

In a week his wife would join him, before which he would go shopping for essentials.

Tucked under the care package is a thick folder containing brochures to holiday destinations. A bucket list the two had put together over the last six years of courtship. Destinations that now seem affordable with this new job. He is a content man.


It’s 10.30 pm, but she insists on unpacking before bathing and hitting the sack. She removes the dinner set and keeps it aside; that can wait for later.

She takes out fresh sheets and towels for her new home, and heads to the bedroom. Two single mismatched sheets cover the double bed. Two mismatched pillows sit next to a woolen blanket and a new fleece. She smiles at the gawkiness of her husband’s housekeeping skills. She makes the bed anew with carefully selected handwoven linen.

Walking into the kitchen for the promised hot cup of coffee, she sees not the bareness of the shelves, but the forced pairs of utensils that gaze back at her.

He recounts his shopping expedition, his attempt at making a home from ones to twos. The childish excitement that would have in a different environment become enthusiastic intimacies was now met with muted hurt.

She says nothing.

But as the years roll on, fresh bruises will open old wounds. Unexpressed emotions will battle with cruel words.

What could be ripped and broken, will be. The idea of the single tumbler and bedsheet will be both attacked and defended with equal ferocity. The demons will follow them even to the destinations they manage to cover.

That’s in the future.

For now they stand in the brightly-lit kitchen, disconnected.

Her expectations of a marriage, his lack of it; His ability to see his mother’s love separate from his marital role; Her inability to do so… As tears sting her eyes, she turns away.

With that the two have opened their kitty of blame, hurt and unmet expectations.

By UmmON

Umm Oviya + Nilah = Mother of Oviya + Nilah. Because in the Arab world a woman is first addressed as bint X (daughter of X) and then once she has a son (Y) she is Umm Y. I am not sexist, so don't mind surrendering my identity to my daughters.

10 replies on “The Marriage Kitty: A Short Story”

This is the first time i came to your blog…and i like it!
something about this story made me want to leave a comment….
they way its said…it kind of brought back my own feelings which i had the first time i went to my husbands home…everything being single- tumbler, towels…the way i saw the crumpled bedsheets-not made up for many many days..and with love how i looked at all of them…and took them in…thinking 🙂
nowam still looking at them…the thoughts are changed though 😀

Hmm… I’m on the wife’s side here if the mother put the care package together AFTER their wedding and didnt put in anything for her new daughter-in-law. Or were the pickles meant for her? 🙂 (as in a hopeful hint at “good news” happening asap)…

Hmmm…sad. Hope it’s not always like this. Maybe fairytales should be banned for kids or just..banned completely??? Because I took quite a few them quite seriously 😀

I’m sure that single lota and single bedspread came as part of HER dowry. Post wedding, most sons’ mothers think the sponsorship just changed hands. Sigh

Didn’t know you did short stories. Lovely

Isn’t that typical though – the reactions? Women read too much between the lines and men read too little into the same actions by the same people. Lovely story…

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