I have this tendency to view any conflict that involves more than one ethnic group as a racial problem.

It’s time for me to reconsider my point of view. It’s not about race at all; it’s about really poor parenting.


  • When you see youngsters misbehave at malls.
  • When they bully you off your lane on the road.
  • When they are rude to their nannies.
  • When they show no respect for their teachers.
  • When they mock waitresses at the cafe.
  • When you see their girl-fridays walking five steps behind them, to carry the tiny bag of cosmetics from Sephora.
  • When you see their maids come up to the office floor to carry their Louis Vuitton handbag to the waiting car.
  • When they jump queues and refuse to wait their turn.
  • When they push past you without an ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’.
  • When they walk through the door you hold open for them, without a ‘thank you’.
  • When they demand service, because ‘please’ is an ugly word.
  • When they leave the public toilet messy, because they can’t clean up after themselves.
  • OR When they think it’s ok to punch a doctor…

When you see this, and when you see some more, remember there is a set of parents responsible for that out-of-control, badly behaved girl or boy.

A mother and a father who failed to correct their child and to set a good example.

Parents who failed to understand that the ‘cute’ (right!) brats who misbehaved with impunity, would grow up to be thugs.

Men and women who think procreation is the beginning and end of being a parent.

Parents who are oblivious to the HUGE influence they have on their children — be it good, bad, or (increasingly) ugly.

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” — Robert Fulghum

6 thoughts on “Racism or just poor parenting?

  1. You’ve got that right… but you know the worst thing, those are exactly the sort of parents who wouldn’t see anything wrong with what they or their offspring do in the first place 😦

  2. the effect a parent has on a child has is huge. We are all products of our parents until the point we can stop and observe our behaviour. now according to the laws of quantum physics, we can think back and think through and choose to behave according to reason and logic and not repeat the dramas of our parents which was in turn the dramas of their own parents and so on and so forth. The ability to change and break hard wired neural connections is Evolution. because we are human and tend to have a “herd mentality”, the behaviour of certain groups is similar because the adults (ie parents) have a similar way of thinking and this resonates with their children. We can see this in our own race/nationality. I’m sure we could make a list

  3. I agree with u . I read the story that happened in the HMC. Its so sad they behave like that .
    Also in some places in Qatar , they Throw rotten egg to the Foreigners.

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