…Have been very KIND. And I have my first born to thank for it.

Eleven years ago, to the day, I realized how high my pain threshold was.

Over these past years I’ve realized the depth of a blinding, incoherent love.

Today I am overwhelmed by the thought of protecting the innocence of my first born. She is 11, and very excited to be growing up.

I don’t want her to be my baby forever, because I enjoy too much the lovely person she is growing up to be.

I just don’t want the essence of who she is to be diluted in any way: Her delight at the smallest things, her willingness to express gratitude for the simplest favours/gestures, her sensitivity towards self and others, the strong sense of family (friends included), her quick laugh, and ready forgiveness.

Thank you darling for eleven years of motherhood, which have been a breeze because of how oblivious you have been to my faults and how you choose to magnify my little successes.

Sand Angel

7 thoughts on “Eleven Years of Motherhood…

  1. Hi, sometimes it comes across as eerie.. our thoughts are so similar ..may be because even I am a mother of soon to be 11 year old daughter and believe me I feel my child is an angel compared to me.. like you rightly put it, she ignores the monster me and glorifies my little sometimes very small efforts and successes.. sometimes I feel I am the worst mother one could ever think of.. it’s so guilt ridden.. this whole thing… well..sorry for the rant on your comments section..

    take care

  2. Parenting is never easy! It was very nice to read your piece. I often look back on my parenting mistakes and shudder. And like you I realize I am so lucky to have son who is a sweetheart and makes me look like a really good mom!

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