Bandit Queen of Hearts Turns 4

Image… and it’s a whole new chapter of parenting that she teaches me.

But she is also teaching all of us at home a lesson we often forget. That EVERYTHING in the world, and I mean, EVERYTHING, can be made better with a hug.


One minute she goes around threatening to ‘toosh’ us and give us a ‘diction’ (shoot and injection for the linguistically-unimaginative folks out there), and they next minute would smother you with her hugs and kisses.


She is not an easy child and challenges everything we say and do… a major shift from what I was used to. In an inexplicable manner this has made me a far more patient parent than I’ve been before.

I am at a loss to explain this relationship I have with her… there is a strange aggressive need to protect her, to hold her close, and to just hold that essence of her wild, uninhibited personality. And hope desperately that she would never stop doing her Michael Jackson moves and Alicia Keys renditions… never feel that she doesn’t have it in her to want to be as huge as the people she pretends to be.

Happy birthday my little Phoolan Devi.


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