I hate this advertisement…

Yes, this ICICI advt. It encompasses everything that’s wrong with India. EVERYTHING.

Stop ‘PROTECTING’ us. Stop treating us as delicate objects.

And that bit with the teary bride driving away with her new husband holding her hand… bullocks! She wouldn’t be so teary if marriage were not treated as a break-up with her parents (life before marriage).

I feel nauseous every time I see it being shared on Facebook.

Do we really believe this is treating women right?

How about equality?


4 thoughts on “I hate this advertisement…

  1. Sonia Jaidev says:

    Thank you for making me watch it. Are they paying you for it Vani?
    Kidding. Never was curious to click on that video until you made that post, haha! I see the ad has been discussed quite a bit, so quite paisa wasool for the company eh? See, they made you react as well. I dislike it too but prulife is one of the better investments I have made (Now you know how bad I am at managing money, huh) You and I and others like us are lucky to be living in the world we are in. But most women I come across pretty much are treated that way, and I don’t see them complaining. Did you cry the day you got married? I was laughing all the way through. Why should marriage indicate a break up with parents? Never did for me. If anything, I’m closer to them.

  2. Indian Homemaker says:

    So somehow not picking a towel dropped on the floor for the wife to pick is okay if the husband is the kind who doesn’t teach the children to stay away from tracks? More convenient to pull them by the sweater? What happens when he is busy making his daughter feel it’s okay not to own up and apologize for walking inside a principal’s office with muddy shoes. I too don’t approve of such ads.

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