I have nothing more to say… love being Amma, but on my terms. Happy Mother’s Day ya’ll. 8 May 2013…

The Life of Umm

… about motherhood being the greatest joy! Happy mother’s day.

This is a toast to all the dysfunctional mothers out there… who hardly ever get it right;

Who know that what they do could be done a hundred times better;

Who would rather sleep in late than cook up a wholesome breakfast;

Who’d rather take their scrabble turns than read to their child;

Who would jump at an opportunity to leave their child with a friend to get a pedicure;

And who still manage to manipulate their children into blind adoration, or grudging respect;

Cheers! You deserve to put your feet up and sip on a vodka.

What we do, even if only reluctantly, is more than what mere humans were meant to do.

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