2013: 2 of this, 0 of that,1 of the other and 3 of…

2  People kept me from taking really rash decisions, and saved me from myself. My O & N.

0 New financial investments

1 New country visited

3 New skills in the making: Documentary film making, online media and screenplay writing

I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do believe in gratitude.

And I am grateful for countless things. My daughters, my sisters, my friends who blindly support me, and the ones who call my bluff, the people whom I work with who make every day a learning experience… More than anything else, I am grateful that unlike last year, this year has been about relationships that worked, that were strengthened.

What I struggled with in a year filled with challenges is to make sure that my thoughts were fair. It’s easy to pretend to be good, to be right, because you want to be liked and respected, or at least not disliked and disrespected. However, the demons in your mind – the anger, the bitterness and the occasional evil thoughts, make it more difficult to like yourself. And that’s so much more important, so naturally so much more difficult to achieve.

May 2014 be the year we all conquer our demons.