Who are you, she asked…

It wasn’t a meme or a tag, but that’s such an interesting question I decided to do a post instead of leaving a comment on Shamozal’s blog.

A misunderstood child. A troubled teen. A happy cousin. A pesky sister. A sister’s pet. An angelic student. A loyal friend. A bitchy classmate. A nagging wife. A supportive one too. An angry mother. A mother with immense patience. A nasty boss. A tough one. A pushover. An insubordinate employee. A trusted one. {and so on…}

It really depends on whom you ask.

Who am I? I am a sum of how I’m seen by others, and a product of how I judge myself based on that.

I am a work in progress, and cannot yet (unfortunately) detach myself from how others view my words and action and say this is who I am.

Now, tell me, who are you?


2 thoughts on “Who are you, she asked…

  1. Ketaki says:

    This really resonated. As did the earlier blog that inspired this. I am still trying to find my response to the question. I guess it does depend on who you ask?

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