Weekend Wordsmith-II: Searching

Life is one long hunt… searching for real, hidden and imagined treasures.
You search for affirmation as a child
Self Confidence as a teenager
Success as a professional
Love as you grow older
Your waistline and toes, after childbirth

And as I stare into the mirror, I search for that insecure youngster who thought all the treasures lay around the bend. I want to travel back in time and say, treasures are in the small gestures, kind words, good friends… the big stuff? that’s not always a treasure.

Prompt from here.

Saturday Scribes-I

Prompt from here

She stares at me through the lattice that divided the garden from the car park. She squints to get a good view of the guy walking hand in hand with me… was he good enough for me? was he a catch?
Does he deserve my attention, my dressing up in laces and frills.
She worries. Is he good enough to take care of my little girl? Even as she thinks that, she sees me clutching his hand tighter. But that only worries her. I place my trust too easily in people. I don’t judge people well.
After all, only the other day I got so chatty with that man who came to fix the faulty electrical wires and repair the converter at the ‘big house’, where ma works. In a matter 10 minutes the electrician knew my life history. He knew I was waiting for the right man to come by and rescue me from this ‘darned’ (ma’s word not mine) life.
Ma feels if the man is good, the woman will fall in place. That’s why she is particular that the man who takes me home should be the ‘ideal’ father. That’s why she requests to see him alone. She hopes his wife would take ma’s place with ease.
As I trip over a fallen branch and rip my new lace skirt, I glance quickly at ma, through the zigzag of the wooden grill. Instead of worry, I see her frown lift. And a smile surface.
The man is on his knees, wiping away the grime with his fresh handkerchief… he promises to get me a new skirt, a prettier one… I remember that well, because he did. I was all of 3. The promise of a skirt was enough to make me his slave or daughter for life.
That little gesture was enough to change ma’s heart… and give me away.
I remember the lattice, and ma’s eyes through it. I remember the promise of a new skirt. I remember ma’s hesitant smile…
I imagine the rest. I imagine she would have cried herself to sleep every night, just as I did. I imagine that she still works at the ‘big house’ . And I imagine or rather hope that she regrets to this day, letting go of me so easily.

Weekend Wordsmith-I: Don’t touch

Don’t touch (the glass), it will break
Don’t touch (the hot plate), you will be hurt
Don’t touch (the computer), it’s mine
Don’t touch (that crystal in the shop), we can’t afford it
Don’t touch (the apple crumble), it will go straight to your hips
Don’t touch (me), i have a headache
Don’t touch…
A life of don’ts. don’t touch, don’t this, don’t that…
the foundation we lay for your children to grow up ‘don’t-ing’ all their life.

Prompt from this

Moi, Ana, I, Naan, Mein

I took it from here.
I am: Looking Forward
I think: Way too much
I know: Way too little
I want: Just a bit and a little more
I have: Just enough
I wish: Some things would change quickly
I miss: … weirdly, no one at the moment. I have my daughter and husband by me. So am content.
I fear: People. Really fear the vileness and sheer cruelty of people.
I feel: Terribly upset when I see discrimination. And I see a lot of it here.
I smell: Real awful in the morning.
I search: for hidden motives, when someone is overly nice to me.
I wonder: what people will stop at for money and power.
I regret: Quite a few of my decisions. But you live and learn.
I love: Only one person (as of now) unconditionally, and to the point of desperation. And she doesn’t even know it.
I ache: In my finger joints.
I care: for equality.
I am not: A worshipper… but
I believe: In fate and destiny. And KARMA.
I dance: Surprisingly gracefully.
I sing: Very badly, and very rarely.
I cry : When I am ANGRY
I don’t always : Think a tantrum through. I just throw it.
I fight : fair and square
I write: less than I’d like to
I win: very rarely
I lose: way too badly
I never: can stick to a weight loss program
I always: think of doing great things. And then drop off to sleep
I confuse: not too often
I listen: to people when they talk. I am a good listener.
I can usually be found: with a book, messy hair, in bed.
I am scared: of lizards. And hurting people.
I need: a lot of attention
I am happy about: The human being I am. It’s the characters that I play that bother me.

from teesu…

My take on this:

If you get something out of a vending machine, it’s most likely to be: Water
A word you sometimes catch yourself misspelling: too many…
You least want people to see you as: Fat (actually, it’s overbearing…)
You’re a little scared of: Lizards
The least attractive thing you do in your sleep: Snore
The number of contacts in your cell phone: 150+
How many of them are restaurants: 1
You lose your cool when someone: shows-off
When you go to the drugstore, you often can’t leave without buying: face wash
Your dance moves can best be described as: desperate
The majority of your underwear is: Cotton
Something you eat even though you hate how bad it is for you: cashewnuts
You think you’re really not a great: wife
How much cash is in your wallet right now: sing$500
The majority of your shoes are this color: brown
You don’t think you’ll ever be able to get rid of your: boobs
If your breath is bad, it’s most likely because you had: junk
You feel embarrassed when you: fart
The last public place where you used the restroom: expo centre
Something you don’t like to debate in mixed company: NA (i have no qualms)
You don’t think you can pull off wearing: garter belts
Something you own entirely too much of: books
Someone you would love to see in concert who might bring down your street cred: mj
The last thing that you spilled on yourself: **censored**
If you were on a reality show, the producers would likely portray/characterize you as the: also-ran