Special Question to Raj Bhai

Dear Raj Bhai
How could you allow north Indian commandos and NSGs to enter your beloved city and interfere? What audacity that they could come and rescue Mumbai.
With no regards or love

Someone should tell this asshole now that is what a Nation is about. People not only go where opportunities lie (like to Mumbai), but when in need, it doesn’t matter where the eff or who the eff needs it, you pitch in as Indians.

I have some questions? Do you have some

  • Cops, Home Ministry related…
  • What is the budget allocated to our police forces?
  • What part of the budget goes into infrastructure and equipment?
  • Is that really a bullet-proof vest that the cops were wearing?
  • Or was it just some foam look-alike?
  • What kind of training do our cops have in combat situations?
  • What is the use of having a stupid old man as a Home Minister?
  • Are only idiots appointed to the position. Since Advani was one, and he was stupid enough to go to an active area and create distraction.
  • What will happen to the families of all the cops who died?
  • How come the terrorists had easy access to the Taj floor plan, but our NSG didn’t have it?

    Emergency services…

  • Why is it that we don’t have one? (Qatar a tiny country has a huge fleet of EMS, including air ambulances. The response time of road ambulance is between 7-10 mts max)
  • Why is that we have world-class tertiary care (private) but the more important universal primary health care and emergency services (responsibility of government) is so pathetic?
  • What went through the mind of the health minister when he saw the injured being dragged by their feet and hands as part of rescue?
  • Aren’t we worried that the Maruthi Omni we use for ambulances is a very unstable vehicle?
  • What exactly is done with the taxes?

    Not because I am a print media journo, but because it is just so stark — why are broadcast journalists so bloody unprofessional? (Any upstart who can hold a mic becomes a star journalist)

  • Objectivity doesn’t equal insensitivity. Do these people realise that?
  • Is Barkha Dutt a conflict mongering, shallow, sadistic pig?
  • I have worked with some fantastic print journalists, seen them in action — where ground work and deep though guided their words. So how come these so called journalists on TV are getting away with such nonsense?
  • Don’t you have a better question to ask a survivor than: How are you feeling now?
  • Why were there no side stories, that required more than standing in the site of action?
    The print and online media gave the truth about Nariman House much before the TV channels did. What was the support team covering the combat doing?
  • Is it spirit of Mumbai that they carry on with life, or just weariness that the effing politicians will do nothing in any case?

    There are so many more questions on my mind, very few answers… do you have any answers or questions? Will continue…