i can call it blogging, or i can be honest and call it verbal incontinence. every bit of crap that passes through my mind finds a home out here…

and i am not alone. most blogging is just that, right?

fun, though!

your ego, your space, your crap.

Bloody nonsense

Nonsense. How the eff does it affect us or is any of our concern. It is the internal problem of Sri Lanka, so why do the bloody TN politicans think they can mess around? Haven’t we had enough problems as it is, around this issue?
And don’t we have enough problems begging to be resolved in our own country and in the state.
If we interfere in Lanka, then we should not complain about Pakistan interfering in Kashmir!
And coming back to Lankan Tamils — hasn’t that despot Prabhakaran fought against every effort towards peace? He is a warmonger… no longer fighting for a cause, but making fighting itself the cause.