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Discovery of the Month, June

I was presumptuous enough to call it My Very Own Award. I will call it Discovery of the Month from now on.

So I went blog surfing again. Not even friends’ friends… but absolute strangers. I stumbled upon some fantastic blogs.

I wasn’t quite able to make up mind. Decided on PreciousRock, because she speaks of one of my greatest fears. Extremely candid, funny and informative. Check out her blogroll as well.

Now to the tag business again.

Choose a blog, but let it not be by an Indian or of Indian origin.

Widen your net, surf deeper, find something interesting.

Inbavalli & Shyam, thanks for obliging last month. Hope you will do it again. Teesu & Blogeswari, wake up and indulge me please.

Reflections, Deeps, & IMeMyself, consider yourself tagged.

CoconutChutney(whom Inbavalli chose last month) and ScaryDuck (Shyam’s choice) if you by any freaky chance come across this, pass on the favour.

Both these blogs are VERY funny, and worth a read.

Open tag to everyone, just drop a line giving the details of the blog you’ve discovered.

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I got the idea from Shyam’s post. I am pretty sure the purpose of her post was to discourage more awards, and I am doing just the opposite.
But this is how MY AWARD works.
You are supposed to pick a blog that really impressed you, but it can’t be someone you know. Not even virtually. It has to be a blog you stumbled upon or walked into through links. It can’t be a blogger you have built an online relationship with.
I will do this every month.
I am tagging Shyam **wicked**, Teesu, Blogeswari and the winner of the award to do the same. And anyone else interested in doing this.
The May Award goes to HER.
‘Cos she is funny and sarcy, and a lot of her posts I can identify with. And she is a fellow Chennaivasi (I didn’t say you can’t be jingoistic).
I stumbled upon her blog through the comments section of a blogger friend.