The world may or may not end in 10 days

Either way I am happy to be here now.

Having said that, with just 10 days left, this is what I’ve decided:

  • Humility can speak to my middle finger.
  • Those who take no part in my joy are not going to be allowed any role in my sadness.
  • I’d rather be right than nice.
  • I am going to show off my cleavage, because I love it.
  • And I am going to go buy those roller blades, asap.

Now to more profound musings, ahem!

Everyday I hear people talk about what an awful world we live in.

But the narrative of conflict and discrimination is as old as life itself. That narrative got bloodier because of religion. Despite that single most useless discovery of man, we as a race have reached such staggering heights of achievements, I am happy to be alive, and part of this history.

The magnitude of dreams and aspirations around me makes me breathless. There are times when I pull up by the side of the road or pause my life to just completely take in and enjoy something inspiring–Usain Bolt’s new record, Adele singing Skyfall, Baumgartner’s jump, a chapter from The Game of Thrones, the robot camel jockey, my daughters’ untiring appetite for hugs, my sisters’ maniacal protectiveness, my husband’s silent and blind support.

Just as often I stop to mourn an orphaned child, a bereaved mother, a monument destructed, a community devastated.

I am part of both these threads.

What makes this world so fabulous is that we don’t allow our evilness to totally eliminate all the good we are capable of.

While there is still such abject poverty in India, I am happy it doesn’t stop my country from pursuing its scientific ambitions.
For all the xenophobia in the US, a man whose second name’s Hussein has been reelected.
That after centuries of colonisation, the UK allows immigrants to build their lives in its lands.
That despite its poor human rights record at home, Qatar aspires to help people in areas of conflict.

It’s not a perfect life, but it’s a wonderful one all the same. It’s a world I don’t regret bringing my children into.

If the Mayans were right after all—and didn’t merely run out of tablet–I won’t be sad that the world ceases to exist.


STOP! Please.

I am tired of 2011. Just stop being a pest will you? Since my (Tamil) new year begins next week, I am hoping there is a big, big turn around. I mean a BIG one.

It’s just been too crazy, and I know for every awful thing that has happened to me the past 3 months, there is at least an equivalent good thing. Still…

I am trying hard to focus on the good things, to be grateful, but all I can be at the moment is VERY, VERY, ANGRY. Not just at the freakishly crazy and painful things that have happened to me and mine; but also angry and upset that children are fair game in stupid ego hassles that involve adults. That’s just incredibly sad.

I can go on, and even manage to garner a lot of sympathy, for the shit the last 3 months have thrown at my face… But I’ll stop here.

Because more important things are happening around the world — genocide, murder in the name of liberation, and one old man trying to change the wretchedness of what our country accepts.

So now I am going talk about the lovely little things that happen in my life, that make me smile, and tell me my life is more good than not.

Have been going to the volunteers-run kennel for abandoned animals to dog walk. Must say, though it was my idea, it’s O who drags me out there on a Friday morning. What a wonderful start to the day, running and sweating it out with a bunch of crazy barkies and your girls. Though it’s just been a couple of weeks, I can see it becoming a routine.

Just when you fear stereotypes — your 9-year-old worrying about breasts, obsessing about Hannah Montana — she surprises you by spending as much time playing football or cricket with her girl friend. Just when you worry her lil heart is too tender for deliberate slights, she ends up consoling you, saying it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t feel so bad.

That no matter what the interest in dress up and make up maybe, she can’t wait to get back to her book.

And then you spend a lazy evening watching MMKR with the kids, and a flood of memories gets you into a state of hysterical mirth, demanding a late night call to a friend in Amsterdam to discuss the waistcoast tip we borrowed from Khushboo.

Then you have 2 little people entertaining themselves like only toddlers can:

You go into work, and despite living a dream job, you are plagued by self doubt.. then you see tiny bits of genius from your team. Like this soda can etching done by one of my designers. Every time I pass this neat piece of workmanship, I can’t help but smile.

And despite all this, there are evenings when you feel too desperate and too depressed, and can’t quite see the point of it all… when everything seems bleak. That’s when big mama presents you a burst of colour:

So something like this, one after another, should be taken in my stride, right? A reasonable enough blip? But I never claimed to be reasonable, and i am wallowing in self pity at every opportunity i get, because all I am asking for is 1 uneventful, boring week, without someone getting in and out of hospital, breaking something or losing someone.