Dealing with Two

Our First Bought is very upset. The sleek, soft beauty has been sulking in dark spaces, a wee bit neglected.

She must wonder how fickle our loyalties are that no sooner did something bigger and louder come our way, we relegated her to a corner. Did she tell herself: “The light & sound show are no different from other Indians. They prefer the whiter/fairer one. I am after all a sad brownish grey…”

Is it to get our attention, or does neglect really do that? We will never know, but she refuses to get up and go.

Our purring grey beauty sputtered reluctantly, and went back to sleep.

So we cajole her, and transfer some of the energy from our Second Bought to her, and she obliges in bad temper. She is giving us just enough of a chance to get our act together, and give her some exclusive attention.

We will. We will.

We only hop into the bigger (and might I add ugly) fellow, because of the space. Colour has nothing to do with it.











Meanwhile, my First and Second Born, are getting along famously, as you can see below. Amen!















Footnote: Light & Sound is R & Me, go figure 🙂