The time of my life? A tag…

Here is a meme from lakhs. She didn’t tag me, but I liked the idea, I’m tagging myself.

This is what she asked herself, and what I asked myself too.

How much of each day (and hence, my life) do I spend on doing
things I love;
things I like;
the ho-hum things;
things I dislike;
things I absolutely detest?

I realise that I almost never do things I detest, and rarely do things I dislike.

The ho-hum things like washing N’s bum or doing monthly budgets at work are either not so bad or done not so often.

By and large, I spend my time and life only on things that I like and love. For all the rest I either employ help, delegate or just neglect/ignore.

Now this must seem like a ‘perfect’ life or scenario, right? WRONG!

What this has resulted in is me being rather inflexible and unbelievably lazy about some things. It has also made me a wee bit unhealthy.

If you are curious about the details, here are a FEW:

  • I hate housework, detest it. I spend about 10 minutes on this in a week.
  • I dislike cooking, once a month is just about all I can live with ‘happily’, if at all.
  • I don’t like to socialise for the heck of it — I will ONLY hang out with people I am totally comfortable with. Which means, I do cut off those that fit the description. I don’t do sangas and associations and women’s clubs — so my social circle is rather limited. I do it probably an hour a month, dropping off and picking up O from a friends or something like that…
  • I don’t network in lieu of actual productivity. I hate being nice because of a person’s title or position. In my line of work that’s difficult. But I can’t stand it. I can’t be nice to people or show ‘respect’ however high up in the corporate ladder they maybe. I NEED to respect them to SHOW it. I just hope my work will see me through. Which means my growth will always be limited. I know I should spend a lot of time on this. I ABSOLUTELY MUST. But don’t.
  • I love my books and my reading, and can lose myself in it. So spend a lot of time on this.
  • I love the internet. Obsessed with it. Use everything it has to offer, including **ahem** 😉 when permitted! I am online at least 2-3 hours a day.
  • I love rolling around with the kids and playing with them. Evenings are for this. But I am ‘ho-hum’ about homework and the likes…
  • I love driving aimlessly. Do it too. About twice or thrice a week.
  • I hate arranging my cupboard. Do it now and then — monthly or bi-monthly.
  • I hate opening the bunches of PR that lands on my table. That amount of paper makes my stomach churn. But I do, albeit at the very last minute.

Bottomline: Need to mature. Need to realise that things that are not liked or loved can still be good for you. Like spending some time on healthy cooking, or working out, or actually keeping my mouth shut even when something bothers me…

Ha, but then I wouldn’t be me!

Come on take on the tag… do it. Couple of you have previous tags pending, still here goes: teesu, shyam, inba, blogeswari, and then a few others, AMbroom, kamini, jestme, wmw, likhati, SN