Letters to everyone, random rants … and other such blah! blah!

I am consciously going to be a bitch — and live up to a label I try too hard to fight off. Here is to the real me! Bring on the crankies, and get ready for the nasties.


Dear City of Brussels,

I love your chocolates. And your comic heritage. But dark streets, poor lighting, and black road dividers? Not so much.

Your emergency services? Not at all!



ps: Hamad hospital A&E rocks!

Dear Chocolatiers,

You’ve spoilt kitkat and toblerones for me. Nothing but the finest from Neuhaus or Marcolini will do henceforth.


Sweet tooth


Dear cowardly liar (you know who you are),

Say it to my face.

Don’t lick my ass and then go behind my back with accusations (even the valid ones) because I don’t get a chance to respond. So the bullshit I was given — ‘You took me out of depression by motivating me to work’, ‘You take on too much with a little baby’, ‘You made me a journalist’, ‘We do so much because she (meaning me) does so much’ — is officially rejected, and politely given back to you to stick up your various orifices. Instead I am buying what you said behind my back, that makes me a far livelier person.

And may your creativity thrive in all the stories you spin — good luck!

Best (really),

Queen B


Dear pint-sized dy-no-mite,

Thanks for missing my nose. I don’t think it would have survived another trauma. But seriously, your aim sucks. And it is very ungentlemanly to throw chairs in what was meant to be a professional debate.

Or were you preparing for a career in politics in the country you are going back to?

And get over it, you are not a gift to all mankind.

With no love lost,



Dear Me,

Bosses are never liked, let alone loved. Live with it, and stop trying to please everyone — you are not paid for that. Unless your job is that of a ‘ho.



ps: Learn to duck with grace


Ever wondered how a man’s normal tone of authority (or even rudeness) is accepted or brushed off, but if it’s from a woman every nerve is set on fire? Gender discrimination any one?


Dear dumb-ass admin folks in Salatha Ortho,

Chips, fizzy drinks, nuts, kawha… stop the party, and get working you dumb b*****es. There are bleeding and broken limbed people waiting to meet the doc.