It’s not failure I fear…

Not in the least.

And that realisation came only recently to me. As recent as yesterday, when I was talking to a Doha newbie who wants to do something, though he knows he might fail.



I’ve been incredibly lucky career-wise. I always land very interesting gigs, and rarely am stuck in jobs or assignments that displease me. Yes, everything I do and did could be done so much better. But I know I’ve pulled out all stops to deliver the best I can in the environment I am in.

I am a few short months away from rolling out projects I’ve worked on for the better part of this year. A new job, a new work environment, new challenges, AND I keep thinking I shouldn’t fail.

Well, failure to me was screwing it all up. Till yesterday.

Now I realise, it isn’t.

Failing is to do it, and have it not work. Failure is not the opposite of success. Failing is to have an opportunity to start all over again, quite quickly.

Screwing it up is to do it with half a mind, and squander the opportunity. Screwing it up is to not even realise you’re well below the benchmark… Screwing up is the opposite of success.

So, as it happens, I am quite PETRIFIED of screwing it all up.