Random Reviews

The Help by Kathryn-Stockett

I picked up the book not expecting much. And the first few pages barely met those low expectations. Then it really gripped me.

The book talks about the treatment of black maids by white ma’ams in Mississippi, USA.

Scarily, how the maids were treated then is how many of them are treated in India today, and without any signs of the situation improving.

The Office

I saw a few episodes of season 6 on a long-haul flight. It was irreverent, funny and Steve Carell was both annoying and side-splittingly funny.

I’d really suggest you sample an episode from season 2, where Farrell (the boss who wants to be loved by all, and hence takes no decisions) tries to be cool about having a gay on his team. It was crazy, ridiculous and REAL — I’ve seen people behave in exactly the same manner while dealing with various minorities.

Hana’s Rasoi

This is an Indian joint in Salzburg. I was getting desperate for something spicy and not porky, and voila, there in front of us was this restaurant promising authentic Indian cuisine.

We went in sceptical. But the food was so fantastic, we went back the second night too.

Not only was the food cooked to perfection, the whole set up was very interesting — right out of a KJo film. It was run by an assortment of uncles, cousins and cooks imported from northern India.  There was one chocolate-face hero material, and one very pretty babe waiting tables. And these two very nice looking people were making eyes at each other. I think. Or was it just the beer? It was quite sad that the whole lot of them didn’t break out into a kudiye-soniye kind of song.

Despite that miss, Austria, Salzburg and Hana’s Rasoi all rocked!

Haji Ali sandwiches

This is a joint in Doha, near Airport Road Family Food Centre. They have the most amazing sandwiches and juices. Their chutney sandwich and seetaphal juice are to die for.

Ranbir Kapoor

I never thought I would ‘fess up to liking a Kapoor. This much. He is CUTE. The first film of his that I saw was Rajneeti, and then I saw Wake Up Sid and Rocket Singh. I am loving him… the guy can act, has a good attitude and is not so hard on the eyes either.


Let’s just say I was inspired enough to take a couple of short naps during the course of the movie to dream my dreams. And I felt the ‘kick’ when R woke me up, because my snores were getting too loud.

It was well made and all, I guess. But I just don’t get the hype. So they all dreamt, incepted an idea, woke up and lived happily ever after. Yawn!

Evening Primrose Oil

A friend (thanks Teesu) suggested this as an antidote for PMS. It’s working. Almost. I now merely piss off my friends (don’t lose them), annoy my husband (without discussing divorce) and am pleasantly-grumpy at work, instead of being an outright bitch (I think).


6 thoughts on “Random Reviews

  1. Meera says:

    Been religious following your blog.. tripped over from blogeshwari. You write very eloquently.. will stop by for more of your rants. Awesome stuff i say!!!

  2. shyam says:

    Wasnt The Help awesome? But as much as I read books on the Deep South, the racism and violence against Negroes really gets to me. Helpless raging fury-type crying jags. Did you ever see “Mississippi Burning”?

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